2015 first day ushered in the countries around the world PMI data flows

After the new year's day, financial markets will today mount 2015 new journey, most of the European and American markets will return to trading, countries around the world December Manufacturing PMI data will continue to 2015 for the first trading day.
days the market will again usher in a test of the country's Manufacturing PMI data around the world. Earlier, China's official PMI data was "no vacation" on new year's day, and data in many European countries will be announced subsequently by the day.
Chinese National Bureau of statistics and the China Federation of logistics and purchasing (CFLP) on Thursday (January 1) released data showing China's December 2014 (official) manufacturing purchasing managers ' index (PMI) fell to 50.1, slightly better than the expected 50, but recorded a slower rate of expansion for the fourth consecutive month, in 18 months (since June 2013) lowest level, highlighting China's manufacturing industry has been basically losing kinetic energy of expansion.
, of course, is the days play will also enter the European and American West after a number of key economic data. In Europe, focusing on France, and Germany and the Eurozone Manufacturing PMI series of performances, again if weak data will increase the risk of the European Central Bank to expedite the introduction of QE.
in addition, the United Kingdom's Manufacturing PMI and the Bank mortgage license data to focus on, although the United Kingdom economy performed strongly in Europe, but movement of the pound because the United Kingdom Central Bank to postpone raising interest rates and continued softening.
United States, day-mainly concern United States three important economic data released by Markit Manufacturing PMI, construction spending and the ISM Manufacturing PMI. The employment component of the ISM manufacturing index indicator is an important indicator for measuring recruitment strength, and can give very powerful clues to important non-farm payrolls report. Recent United States generally strong economic data show the market that the Fed raised interest rates closer to points in time, but when to raise interest rates, is mainly look at data decision.
2015 year of market trend of the European Central Bank's monetary policy will remain unchanged for two core theme in currency markets. For investors who are into the new year, looking for central banks in Europe and America to the best opportunity of the year, all, no doubt, European Central Bank policy meeting until late January looked really seen. Before that, including the day-world PMI data were still expected to perverting judgment.

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