Italy January ahead of the President to resign, and Greece election spoiler Ou Yin?

Led Italy scare people out of the country through the war the most serious political crisis the President Giorgio Napolitano (Giorgio Napolitano) on Wednesday (December 31) that he will soon announce resignation in advance, because of his "advanced age". In June 2015 for 90 birthday
Janet Napolitano in the traditional end of 2014 announced the decision in a speech to make Italy Renzi young Prime Minister (Matteo Renzi) faced a new test of political uncertainty. Napolitano this stance lead to euro in 2014, ending the battle in the late session refresh low of 1.2 per cent.
NA Tanoh Polly didn't give a definitive decision to resign in the speaking time, but many political analysts say Napolitano might resign in the middle of January 2015, Italy served as the European Union (EU) half-yearly rotating Presidency of the mission will end by then. After Napolitano resigned, Italy in February, Parliament may quickly begin voting and the election of Giorgio Napolitano's successor.
, Italy February 2013 parliamentary elections failed to produce a new Government led the country into nearly three months of political deadlock. Janet Napolitano is in this case from April orders from danger, President re-elected to a second term, and ordered to Gianni letta (Enrico Letta) Cabinet, so as to avoid a political vacuum in the country into a long-term.
Greece President Karolos Papoulias (Karolos Papoulias) and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (Antonis Samaras) had earlier on Wednesday jointly signed a presidential decree to dissolve the country's Parliament, means the country 18 months ahead of the parliamentary elections on January 25, 2015 (the election) started this campaign kicked off to people at the Centre of the eurozone debt crisis, Greece fears of renewed political stability.

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