Dollar highs, gold stabilize important pressure breakthrough

European Central Bank Executive Board Member Tom plate made dovish remarks, he stressed that Eurozone inflation will be below zero over a longer period. This means the euro zone or into deflation. Tom plate pointed out that believe that euro-zone inflation will be below zero over a longer period, the current inflation expectations "extremely fragile". He also said the European Central Bank cannot simply focus on oil prices. The European Central Bank should not be paralyzed due to the QE issue of sovereignty. Sovereign bonds are just big enough for a class of assets. If the European Central Bank to buy securities, you need to size it big enough. Government bond purchases has caused many problems. Elan analysts: President of the European Central Bank and the Commission have been working to save the eurozone into a deflationary situation, hope launched the European version of QE, but Germany's Central Bank Governor expressed strong opposition, negative influence on the future economic trends. Tom plate's comments support the easing of Draghi, beneficial to launch European QE.
United States Conference Board data released on Monday showed that United States December Conference Board consumer confidence index rose to 92.6, but fell short of market expectations rose to 93.0 in November by 88.7 to 91.0. Meanwhile, the United States December Conference Board consumer conditions rose to 98.6 in November, from 91.3 to 93.7 December Conference Board index of consumer expectations fell slightly to 88.5 in November by 87.0 to 89.3.
Russia's Finance Minister xiluannuofu Siluanov comments, he believed that Russia had successfully pacified the market, first quarter of next year, Russia wild swings in the foreign exchange markets will not. Xiluannuofu pointed out that in his speech, Russia successfully reassure the markets, Russia Finance Ministry sold us $ 1.5 billion in foreign exchange markets. Devaluation of the ruble caused by the fall in oil prices was offset by half of the effect. Russia's Central Bank may be in 2015 to buy foreign currency to replenish reserves.

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