Bank card charges for SMS notification failure will affect personal credit?

With the construction of credit system in our country further, improve public credit consciousness, understanding my credit situation of growing demand, the establishment of personal credit records are also becoming more and more important. We all know that late payments personal credit records will leave stains, bank card fails short notice service charges will affect personal credit record? After 360 small series thus obtained from the Bank's customer service.
based on the answers to customer service, first of all, if a deduction failure, also continues to use the card, the system will continue to be charged and, secondly, if the card is not used, to logout when need to pay outstanding obligations; in addition, if you do not cancel, deductions after the failure of the ABC system will automatically stop the service, do not affect personal credit. A Word is a Word, text message failed to notify business charge had no effect on credit.
here, small just call the agricultural Bank of China, other banks require you to personally call the customer service phone for further consultation.

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