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Bank credit risk
Bank credit risk
Using other people's money with money "business ideas, making bank loans zhongxingpengyue sweet pastry. However, the real reason has never been carried away by our Bank, in order to control the bad loans it besides from profitability, filter guarantees the quality companies, do not forget to divide the industry into "group of cells" differentiate business risk, put on different color label. Screen all business owners, are in what positions? Lending risks of banks in the eyes of the industry by the industry which strong? welcome to a combination of the following content, personally.
1. actively support class
pharmaceutical, medical, logistics, telecommunications, information, education, auto production and spare parts, auto dealers, tobacco, manufacturing, scientific research, technical services and geological exploration.
reason for listing: included active support of industry, known as bright star, has the characteristics of anti-cyclical, low risk, so that companies in these industries, it's easy to react with the Bank. But from the perspective of asset structure, banks will keep a certain percentage of assets arrangement.
2. appropriate intervention
modern agriculture, urban infrastructure, electricity, construction, petrochemical industry and modern service industry, wholesale and retail (except for steel, auto dealers), the financial services sector.
reason for listing: second industry earnings are high, development prospects, the basic control characteristics. Taking into account national policies to actively promote the development of these industries, banks tend to a modest increase in the allocation of resources.
3. maintain
electronic information, transportation and mining.
reason for listing: business models mature, earnings largely to cover risks, is the core of sustainable development of banks in the eyes of customers.
4. control
shipping, coal, chemical, paper, non-ferrous metals.
reason for listing: under control of the industry, with business instability, affected by the economic downturn affect the performance characteristics of volatile and high risk, return is low. Some of these industries are energy-intensive, highly polluting industries, the State industry policy development. For control and prudential put on credit, strict implementation of customer access and exit criteria.
5. compression type
cement manufacturing, glass manufacturing, iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, ship manufacturing, photovoltaic, steel and real estate.
    reason for listing: into the compression type of the overcapacity of the industry, including State Council, as well as the current highly risk sensitive industry. For compression type of industry, the Bank will strictly implement industrial policies and regulatory requirements, and strict control of new credit, stock business dominated by structural adjustment, increase the compression strength of disadvantaged customers.

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